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Darren Chromey

Freelance Photographer

While at Western Washington University in 2014, I bought a Sony a6000 and picked up this habit of photography immediately. I have been humbled in the eyes of camera lenses. I have seen wonders in the Southwest and dived deeper into the aesthetic of Black & White. 


From climbing Denali independently in 2018, to exploring the Pacific Northwest, I spend time doing what I love. Adventuring in the outdoors, trips with friends, plane excursions around the states, and expanding my photography. I am continuing to increase my skills in other areas of Photography, from Maritime, Railroad industry Architecture and Portraits.

Back in 2022 I picked up a full-frame from Sony and it has opened my eyes even more in terms of aspect in the photo itself. 

Feel free to contact me about prints or if you have any questions about my journey through the lens!


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